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Beyond the North-South Fork on the Road to AI Governance:

An Action Plan for Democratic & Distributive Integrity*

* Acknowledging that the categories of South and North are not watertight, this paper argues for situating geopolitical and geo-economic power within the history of post-colonial development.


To work toward a less fragmented AI policy landscape that incorporates the interests and concerns of Global South countries, the working group recommends several key actions*, including:

Democratic, multi-scalar, dialogue towards concrete regulatory principles for AI governance, based on a vision of human rights as integrated and indivisible.

A global database that tracks and monitors AI legislation for human rights and development implications, facilitating contextual policy making.

Measures by Global South countries for accountability of transnational corporations in AI-based services.

Incentives to retain domestic AI talent in the Global South and build local research and development capabilities.

  • See more information on the recommendations here.